What does the Prasad box contain?

Each box of Prasad is unique to the temple and its gods/goddesses. The contents of the box are

  • An exclusive designed Prasad box
  • Edible Prasad from the temple wherever available from the temple or from the vendor
  • A Gujarati Panchang Book
  • A Laxmi coin
  • Chunari/Rudraksh/Supari relevant to the respective God
  • Raksha Dhaga
  • Photo of the respective god
  • Sindoor/Bhasm/Chokkha depending on the Deity

All the above contents are offered to the respective deity of the temple and then dispatched to you.

Is every Prasad offered to the Deity?

Yes, we ensure that every box is offered to the God and blessings sought before they are mailed to you.

Is the Prasad bought from the temple?

Yes, all the temples that offer/sell prasads from their premises, we buy them and ship them to you.

What if the temple is not selling its own Prasad?

In that case our local vendor manages to buy the sweet of the respective of the God locally, offers it to the respective deity at the temple, seek their blessings and then ship it to you.

How long does the Prasad take to reach me?

Considering today’s situation, we may safely assume 5-7 days of shipping time.

What if my Prasad is spoiled?

All our processes are aimed at sending you fresh prasads made at the temple. In the unfortunate case of any Prasad going sour, we promise to replace it free of cost and make a note and take our learnings.

How soon should I consume the Prasad?

Ideally we suggest you consume the Prasad as soon as you receive the box. More so because it is perishable. The rest you can always get them to adorn your temples of spiritual spaces.

Can I gift Prasad to my Near and Dear Ones?

Of course, that would be amongst the mostnoble things to do. You could gift it to your Parents, Siblings, Family, Friends, Boss, Teachers, Warriors like Men in Uniform, Doctors, Leaders and any one you love and respect. All you need to do is to book through the regular process, register the address and get it delivered.

Can I donate Prasad to India’s Warriors?

Sure you can. It could be your way of thanking them for their services and sacrifices. It would be a great boost to them if they receive the blessings and powers from the God and Goddesses.

Why is my temple not available?

We have recently started our journey and as we strive hard to catch up, we would take time to reach your favourite temple. In the meantime we would love to hear from you should you want to nominate your temple and give us details of its Prasad and the deities. Do leave us a Message/Whatsapp on +918469693333 or email us with the details at support@tathastulive.com